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GABRO CARE FOR STONE, s.r.o., Piešťany, Slovakia


Let us introduce you a proposition of a complete cleaning of stone, marble floors. We do cleaning, grinding, polishing and a total cure of any kind of stone floor. We do maintainance and renovate them too. All these things won´t just leed to a perfect look of the floor but will as well make its life longer.

Offered services:
- comparating, grinding, polishing
- polishing – crystalization
- cleaning of floor by chemical way
- treatment (impregnation) of floor with or without “wet look“
- application of hard waxes and polymers
- reparation of damaged floor

We are also providing you cleaning and treatment of vertical surfaces and removing GRAFITY from walls + conservation against grafity.

Offered services for vertical surfaces:
- cleaning with water pressure
- cleaning with water pressure and 3% chemistry or with foam operating
- cleaning with water and sand pressure
- conservation
- reparation (holes, cracks, etc.)
- removing grafity
- conservation against grafity

The fix price is specified after visual inspection where till 100 m2 is transportation extra paid, over 100 m2 is transportation including and over 200 m2 is a price discount which depends on seriousness of providing services. Than we elaborate a price offer for concrete place and than in the contract list will be provider and customer conditions specified. After finalization of service is maintaining letter processed where is the best maintaining chemistry and technology suggested.


Except all facilities we offer:

- specialistic counselling in the area of chemy
- specialistic prelection for your employees in the area of right using of chemy for a stone
- specialistic counselling in the area of using special pads for stone
- specialistic prelection in the area of using HTC pads
- maintaince letter procesing for your premises


New set based on nanotechnology!

New products which have ability to make from marble hardness of granite! Don´t belive? Just try and you will see...


date: 2019-07-22

Name day of: Magdaléna

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Just add water....

Special diamond pads from HTC company! For more info in English click here on a picture.

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